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1st of December

Fall florals at Arabelle Grove Project



Fall was in the air at the ongoing Arabelle Grove Project. This small entry needed some major oomph! So I lovingly created some (niche florals going up the stairs not shown). Creating florals is a deep passion of mine that rejuvenates my creativity and I simply love working with my hands in this manner. I find the sculptural building and intuitive moving to be so therapeutic. The ginger jar, shown here, was on loan from my personal collection, but has made its way back to my home, safe and sound, to be transformed for my residence this Christmas…I can’t believe it’s already December 1st! The wallpaper is from Thibaut, and was installed this past spring. It has worked for all seasons and I can’t wait to see a Christmas tree (in red accents) in this entry very soon!

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27th of July

Students and Design Contests

Bob Borson wrote a post about my win!

Check out Life of Architect’s blog about the Sub Zero|Wolf contest here.

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13th of April

Sub-Zero|Wolf Kitchen Design 2013-2014

Kitchen to Butler's - Watercolor and Graphite

In April 2015, I received the greatest news! I was nominated as The Student Winner of the SubZero|Wolf Kitchen Design Contest 2013-2014, and will attend The Best of the Best, 3-day Summit and Gala in Scottsdale this fall.

I am delighted to share a few photos and insights of my work (not all drawings submitted are shown), and look forward to creating even more beautiful spaces in the coming years. Check out Life of an Architect’s blog on the Sub-zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest here.

Kitchen to Breakfast - Watercolor and Graphite

Client’s Request & Concept:

The Litchfield’s are newly married professionals with a baby on the way. Their new home resides in an urban high-rise and they are requesting that their interiors be transformed to evoke the charm and elegance of the French countryside. Their French-inspired kitchen design must be conducive to casual entertaining, yet intimate and functional enough to accommodate for daily use. The space must be family-friendly, elegant and feminine, yet simple and refined. In addition, the space must be eco-minded; creatively re-purposing existing pieces from their collection of antiques and salvaged finds. Mrs. Litchfield’s elegant, blush-colored wedding bouquet is the inspiration for her new French-inspired kitchen, Cafe La Fleur.


Some design challenges encountered:

A long and narrow space, fixed structural columns, and soaring ceilings were the main challenges posed in this project. To break up the infinite feel, I divided the kitchen into zones and created two functional islands. After much deliberation, I submitted to embracing the building’s structural columns versus fighting them, which proved successful. Evidence of this can be seen in the architectural pillars flanking the kitchen’s perimeter; graceful arches connect these classical details, lending to the space’s romantic air. Rustic beams were specified for the for aesthetic and psychological intent: to bring in a casual, relaxed feel, and to lower the 12-foot ceilings to an intimate level. Fabricating architectural elements not only added interest and personality to the space, but created the ambiance my client’s so desired.



My top Design Goals:

Environmental consciousness, embracing the French style, and staying within budget were my top design goals. The fact that my clients had amazing pieces that hadn’t yet found a home, was the springboard for the kitchen design. I fashioned tall, built-in breakfront cabinets from their antique/salvaged pieces, which proved to be a beautiful juxtaposition against the stainless Pro 48 refrigerator. In addition to re-purposing their case goods, I slip covered and added lock casters to their wing back chairs for the counter-height islands. The lock casters aid in safety for all ages, mobility when needed, and protect the floors from daily use or when interchanging from breakfast, living and dining spaces. Re-purposing the cabinets, lighting, and furniture from the owner’s collection helped keep costs down, so the bulk of the budget could be used for appliances, construction, and design fees.

Kitchen Floor Plan


The image above shows a finished floor plan; a beautiful, timeless, thoughtful space to be enjoyed for years to come!

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6th of January

Arabelle Grove

Madame Wu Appliqué in Bleu Marine - Schumacher


Roman Shades for Stairwell - Greek Key tape trim in Affluent Teal           Stairwell Romans and Living Room Roman, created for different spaces, but they sure look great together!          Schumacher front in Chiang Mai Dragon, with solid linen back, and tangerine velvet cord trim.


Design details are what makes a space interesting, unique, and pulled together. It also keeps the eye and brain interested and entertained.

In the case of my custom pillows shown above, various textures (velvet cording amidst nubby linens) creates tactile interest, and combining different fabrics allows my client the ability to mix things up on a whim.

An appliqué was used on my client’s ready-made pillows to give a distinctive look, serve as the sofa’s focal point, and ties the rest of the elements together.

My design tip is to beware of matching colors exactly. Choosing shades that are one-off typically are more interesting in the long term, and helps an already established palette evolve organically.

– Read More –

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2nd of January


Third Level Lighting Getting Installed

#RestorationHardware #chandeliers #TrestleTable


Lighting was installed and it’s looking beautiful at the West 24th Street Project. A beautiful French chandelier hangs on the town home’s third level, and French sconces flank what-will-be artwork in the hallway…still a work in progress, but it’s getting there!

The dining room features a double chandelier and Trestle table from #RestorationHardware.

Cannot wait until the final installation!!


(This teaser photo-op was fashioned from my iPhone.) Professional photos coming soon!

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