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6th of January

Arabelle Grove

Madame Wu Appliqué in Bleu Marine - Schumacher


Roman Shades for Stairwell - Greek Key tape trim in Affluent Teal           Stairwell Romans and Living Room Roman, created for different spaces, but they sure look great together!          Schumacher front in Chiang Mai Dragon, with solid linen back, and tangerine velvet cord trim.


Design details are what makes a space interesting, unique, and pulled together. It also keeps the eye and brain interested and entertained.

In the case of my custom pillows shown above, various textures (velvet cording amidst nubby linens) creates tactile interest, and combining different fabrics allows my client the ability to mix things up on a whim.

An appliqué was used on my client’s ready-made pillows to give a distinctive look, serve as the sofa’s focal point, and ties the rest of the elements together.

My design tip is to beware of matching colors exactly. Choosing shades that are one-off typically are more interesting in the long term, and helps an already established palette evolve organically.

iPhone photos were take directly at the upholsterer’s shop, Sunny Road, by JVD. Professional photos of finished home, coming soon!

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